Jump order as of February 5 2015

Jump order as of February 5, 2015

THE DEADLINE TO TURN IN FUNDS IS THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12TH! Funds turned in at the jump will not change the jumporder.

Funds can be submitted to any Alzheimer’s Association office Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30-4:30. Click here to find your closest office.

Congratulations to our current top ten as of February 5!!! Click here for the full list. On this list the individuals within each team are now averaged together so that Teams may jump together.
Bob Miller – 6842
Paul VanBlarcum – 5705
Elaine Sproat – 3620
Michele Muir – 3135
Bill Merecka – 2000
Meg Boyce – 1799
Keith Barclay – 1560
Michelle Olson – 1375
Sydnie Meakem – 1226
Karen Lesperance – 1220

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Top Jumpers as of 2/2/2015

The jump  is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY. There is a lot that can happen in two weeks!

THE DEADLINE TO TURN IN FUNDS IS THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12TH! Funds turned in at the jump will not change the jump order.

Congratulations to our current top ten!!! Click here for the full list.

1. Bob Miller at $6842
2. Paul VanBlarcum at $5550
3. Elaine Sproat at $3620
4. Michele Muir at $3135
5. Bill Merecka at $2000
6. Meg Boyce at $1699
7. Keith Barclay at $1410
8. Michelle Olson at $1335
9. William Schleicher at $1203
10. Sydnie Meaqkem at $1146

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Have you gone OVER YOUR GOAL?

The jump is still two weeks away and I’m seeing a lot of Heroes and Sidekicks who have reached or even GONE OVER goal!

If that’s happened to you – it’s time to raise your goal…nothing will raise more money than the email that says “I’m only $100 from my goal! Please donate today!”

SO if you have gone over goal (check here to see) – you can either log into your participant center OR email Karen at kfinnegan@alz.org or call 800-272-3900 to have your goal increased.

Let’s blow this event OUT OF THE WATER!

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What is Jump Day going to be like?

10:00-12:00- HEROES AND SIDEKICKS arrive and check in and set up their tents. Coffee/snacks served under the covered pavilion. After you check in you will assigned a Group Number, and will jump in the order assigned.

12:00 PM – We will have some brief announcements and then call the TOP THREE JUMPERS to the front of the line.

12:15 PM – the jump will start!

What to bring:

1. A TENT – this is STRONGLY recommended. While we will have tents available to change in, due to the large number of Heroes this year, we cannot promise that there will not be a LINE unless you bring your own private phone booth or fortress of solitude. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a small pop up tent.

2. FOOTWEAR. You do NOT want to jump without an old pair of sneakers, flip flops, stilettoes (we don’t judge) covering your feet.

3. TOWELS and/or BLANKETS (and something to wrap yourself in while you are waiting in line)

4. Warm, dry clothes to change into after the jump (including an additional pair of shoes).

PS if you have been smart enough to recruit a Sidekick – forward this list on to THEM and tell them to get to work. Their job is making sure that their Hero is as comfortable as possible at the jump.

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Jump Order as of January 20, 2015

Congratulations to our top ten! Keep in  mind that these numbers include the Hero PLUS their Sidekick amount. These numbers do not include any checks not yet received or processed (it can take up to a week to process checks).

Download our spreadsheet to see where your favorite Hero falls in line! 

Bob Miller at $4527

Elaine Sproat at $3220

Keith Barclay at $1405

Michele Muir at $1400

Karen Lesperance at $1100

Daniel DeSimone at $1060

Richard McClurg at $940

Sydnie Meakem at $887

Scott Swartz at $800

Heather Ives at $799

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Date: Saturday February 14, 2015
Location: Berean Lake, Highland



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Subzero Heroes Planning Committee members wanted!

Our biggest fundraiser of the year – the 2014 Dutchess/Ulster Walk to End Alzheimer’s Event – has passed – now is the time to celebrate a job well done and to talk about what is being planned for 2015 – including Subzero Heroes and working on the 2015 Walk Planning Committee.

Join us at the Derby Poughkeepsie for dinner, refreshments and brainstorming! The event is free to all volunteers who have registered for the 2014 Walk to End Alzheimer’s event and/or who have pre-registered for the 2015 Subzero Heroes event.

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