What a day we had!

The numbers are in and at the moment Subzero Heroes has raised $95,000 in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease (yes this is a full $20,000 ABOVE our original goal). The bitter cold, frigid below-normal temps didn’t keep people away…far from it; we had more people there than ever before. Nobody complained about the last minute change in parking- in fact people were inspiringly cheerful and agreeable even when being told they wouldn’t be able to drive directly to the event. Truly; I’m stunned over how well things went. The funds raised, the coverage in the media, and more than anything that outstanding sense of community among the volunteers and participants are all whatmakes this event the show-stopping good time that it has been since we held the first jump five years ago. Everything all just fell into place.

Some thank-yous:

I’d like to thank all of the companies who sponsored the event, especially WBPM and Bob Miller who are true champions of this event.

I’d like to thank our top three: Paul VanBlarcum, Bob Miller and Jimmy Anzalone whose combined individual fundraising efforts totaled almost $27,000.

I’d like to thank Scott Swartz and the kids from the Culinary Institute who served hot soup to our guests.

Al Baker, Kevin Svoboda and John Schlemmer, thank you for staying late to help clean up after the event.

Brendan Boyce thank you for coming up with this concept and for working behind the scenes tirelessly each year!

Thanks to all the Alzheimer’s Association staff who worked alongside everyone else to raise funds and who made this go smoothly, including Joan and Rich who headed off registration in our Poughkeepsie office and at the jump site, to Meg, Jen, Donna, Emma, Michele, Liz and of course CEO Elaine Sproat who was actually the fourth highest fundraiser at the event!

The Heroes who made it in the water, the Sidekicks at the edge of the beach, the representatives from local media outlets and all of our families and friends who came out to see the spectacle THANK YOU.

Here is a terrific video of the event. And the photos and personal footage has only started to be shared. Please don’t forget to send me your pictures and/or share them on the Subzero Heroes Facebook Page.

Two points I want to make:

Matching gifts are FREE MONEY. Find out if your corporation matches by visiting www.matchinggifts.com/alz.

I’m hoping to see you at the upcoming awards ceremony scheduled for Friday, February 27th at 5:30 at Mahoney’s Irish Pub in Poughkeepsie. There will be food and drinks – $15 per person and FREE to Heroes. Certificates will be distributed and anyone who didn’t geta t-shirt yesterday will be able to pick one up. Individuals who raised $1500 or more can pick up their Superman Level Sweatshirt as well. Follow this link to RSVP online.

Congratulations all on a job very very well done.


About Karen the Tarot Diva

I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards when I was seventeen years old. It is this same deck that I use, over twenty years later, when I sit with you to read your cards. I started reading Tarot for myself, then read for friends, then participated in a few charity events, and now I read regularly for customers throughout the Hudson Valley. I believe that we are all connected together in some way, and when you and I sit together we will share a mutually enriching experience.
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One Response to What a day we had!

  1. Sue B says:

    Thank you Karen. You are a great leader. I can’t imagine the countless hours you put in (in responding to calls and emails alone). Always responsive, always welcoming; that was able to take a diverse group of kindred spirits to new heights and believe in our inner super heroes. Kudos to all.

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