More news about the jump and parking..I just got back from the site- we can’t park on the street this year OR in the parking lot at the park because of the snow. The road is no good because the cars would be out in the middle of the road. The parking lot AT the park is too small to begin with (only fits 50 cars) and it turns out we are going to have to use that area for tent set up (as there is too much snow on the field to pitch tents), food, port o johns, and emergency responders.

I am in the process of finding a parking lot where the participants can park – and hiring a chartered minibus to take everyone from the lot to the event.

Please keep your eye on this blog for the latest about where to park that morning!


About Karen the Tarot Diva

I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards when I was seventeen years old. It is this same deck that I use, over twenty years later, when I sit with you to read your cards. I started reading Tarot for myself, then read for friends, then participated in a few charity events, and now I read regularly for customers throughout the Hudson Valley. I believe that we are all connected together in some way, and when you and I sit together we will share a mutually enriching experience.
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