Have you gone OVER YOUR GOAL?

The jump is still two weeks away and I’m seeing a lot of Heroes and Sidekicks who have reached or even GONE OVER goal!

If that’s happened to you – it’s time to raise your goal…nothing will raise more money than the email that says “I’m only $100 from my goal! Please donate today!”

SO if you have gone over goal (check here to see) – you can either log into your participant center OR email Karen at kfinnegan@alz.org or call 800-272-3900 to have your goal increased.

Let’s blow this event OUT OF THE WATER!


About Karen the Tarot Diva

I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards when I was seventeen years old. It is this same deck that I use, over twenty years later, when I sit with you to read your cards. I started reading Tarot for myself, then read for friends, then participated in a few charity events, and now I read regularly for customers throughout the Hudson Valley. I believe that we are all connected together in some way, and when you and I sit together we will share a mutually enriching experience.
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