Parking at the event

I’m truly grateful to the Town of Lloyd for allowing us to hold the Subzero Heroes Ice Jump at Berean Lake. Berean Lake is an ideal location – with the pavilion overlooking the lake and woods surrounding, access to electric and a nice, central location. The town has been extremely accommodating and I am particularly grateful to Frank Alfonso, Recreation Director, who has been so very helpful and in a nutshell just a great person to work with.

I am reminding all event attendees that parking will be tight. Arrive early, carpool, and if you cannot find a parking spot in the upper lot, you will need to park on Reservoir Road which is a residential road. It’s common sense but I want to be sensitive to the families who are living there – so please do not block driveways or speed, and above all if you happen to see a resident please THANK THEM on our behalf for their support and allowing us to be there. 


About Karen the Tarot Diva

I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards when I was seventeen years old. It is this same deck that I use, over twenty years later, when I sit with you to read your cards. I started reading Tarot for myself, then read for friends, then participated in a few charity events, and now I read regularly for customers throughout the Hudson Valley. I believe that we are all connected together in some way, and when you and I sit together we will share a mutually enriching experience.
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