Well we have 100 Heroes jumping at the 2nd annual Subzero Heroes Ice Jump at Freedom Lake in Lagrange, coming from all over – Ithica, Long Island, PA, NJ! It’s so great to see so many new faces involved this year!

We have also MORE THAN DOUBLED the income that we made last year AND COUNTING!

Remember, you need to raise a minimum of $100 in order to jump. Check in to your site and see how much you’ve raised.

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  1. donna carey says:

    I remembered reading somewhere the date up until the donations will count towards the line at the jump. I can’t find that anywhere now. Is it the 8th or the 9th?

    • Karen Skelton says:

      Hi Donna- We are accepting donations indefinitely (even at and after the event) however I can’t promise that the donation will count toward your jump total (and move your spot closer to the front of the line) unless I get it by the 8th.

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