The Subzero Sidekick (or SOS) plays an important…nay critical role during the Subzero Heroes Ice Jump.

Like any respectable super-hero, all Subzero Heroes must have a Subzero Sidekick. At very least, you, as the SOS, will be responsible for handing a towel and a dry change of clothes to your Hero after he or she comes out of the water.

MOST importantly you are going to help your Hero fundraise. Remember- the more money that you and your Hero raise, the closer to the front of the Jump line he or she will be. And the closer to the front of that line he or she is, the less time he or she will spend shivering waiting to jump IN the water!

How do you register to become a SOS?

Register for the Subzero Heroes Ice Jump on February 11 at Freedom Lake in Lagrange, NY.

AFTER YOU REGISTER, follow the link on your website to “UPDATE PERSONAL PAGE”.  On that page click “SELECT AN IMAGE” and switch the image on your website from the Hero Logo to the SIDEKICK LOGO (below).

If you need any help please email Karen at

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